Philippine and Japanese Mythological Creatures, Part 2

You think you know what creatures visit you during the Halloween? This second part of Philippine and Japanese Mythology will introduce you to another set of local (and surely, peculiar) creatures from Japanese and Filipino folk lore.

10 Superstitious Beliefs About Filipino Funerals

Halloween has just passed and, hopefully, you were able to visit the grave of your beloved departed. In the spirit of the Halloween season, here are 10 superstitious beliefs about Filipino funerals you are surely familiar with: Do not wear red. Wearing red (or other...

Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance

There are a lot of different ways to achieve work-life balance. Find something that works for you and stick to it. Good luck!

Philippine and Japanese Mythological Creatures, Part 1

Mythical creatures are derivatives of stories passed from person to person. These creatures come in different shapes and sizes. This first in a series of Philippine and Japanese Mythology talks about animals and humanoid mythical creatures.

Benefits of Online Teaching Services

Disclaimer: The author is an online RareJob tutor since 2011. In 2009, I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus, a debilitating disorder. Mobility became limited because of swollen joints and skin rashes that reacted to sunlight. My doctor advised me to stay...

How to Feel Energized on Your Early Morning Lessons

Mornings are good. It usually precedes a good night’s sleep. But there are mornings that make you feel even more tired than the night before. These are the times we have no idea how we will live through the early morning, if not the entire day. If you’re the type of...

Struggles of Commuting to Work

Commuting to work is an everyday struggle of professionals. Experience the convenience of working at home. Be a RareJob Tutor!  About the ArtistMimie is an illustrator, a coffee lover and an adult who at times refuses to be one! She delights in all things artsy and...

Things Only A Sleepyhead Will Understand

Being a RareJob tutor means you can have all the time to sleep whenever you want. You don't have to set an alarm and wake up early to go to work. You control your own schedule to teach and sleep after.  Join us today! About the ArtistMimie is an illustrator, a coffee...

Rejina #02

Being a RareJob tutor makes work fun, convenient, and hassle-free! Be your own boss like Tutor Rejina! Join us today! About the ArtistMimie is an illustrator, a coffee lover and an adult who at times refuses to be one! She delights in all things artsy and crafty, from...

Your Work Ethics Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What does your star sign say about your work ethic?

Discovering the Beauty of Life

Life is beautiful, no doubt about that. However, during difficult times, it might seem otherwise. Trying to look for the silver lining during or after what seems to be an unfortunate situation is easier said than done. How then do we discover the beauty of life during...

5 Things to Do When You’re Sleepy at Work

Your eyes are closing shut. You really want to give in and go to dreamland, but you can’t – your boss might catch you sleeping. What to do?

People to Avoid at Work

Dealing with different kinds of people can challenge your professionalism. How do you handle people with different work ethics than yours?

The Key to Success: Never Settle

I finally got my dream job! What should I do next? This is what many successful people always ask. Here’s why you should also ask the same.

My First RareJob Outing

Every ride has a story. Having to do it with my team made it more unforgettable!

Money Saving Tips for Tutors

There are lots of different ways to save money. The first step to saving money more efficiently is to think differently about it.

15 English Word Pairs that Look Too Similar

When you write in Japanese kana, you might have difficulty adjusting to the Roman alphabet. Spelling can be tough. So let us help with that. Here are word pairs that look alike, and sometimes also sound alike, but have entirely different meanings.

Staying Afloat: How to deal with a toxic environment

It’s 2017 – the world is much smaller than it has ever been, and with that comes its benefits.

Best Locations for Barkada Outing

Writing from Metro Manila with its scorching heat, it seems like summer isn’t over yet! It’s not too late to have a getaway, dip into refreshing water, and do some exciting activities.

Balancing Love and Career

A simple truth remains for my friends and I; we are all struggling to make a name for ourselves or to simply earn a living that our actual, tangible relationships suffer.

Top 6 Reinvented Ice Cream under ₱100!

Forget the soft-served. Forget the cone. Here are some of the best reinvented ice cream under ₱100!

First Job, First Love

I was a fresh graduate that was included in the competition to be hired. For me, applying for a job was one of the hardest things I ever did in my entire life knowing that you’d have to face a series of exams or interviews before securing yourself for that position.

Taking Chances: A Career Shifter’s Tale

When I first read RareJob’s vision of “Chances for everyone, everywhere” in its company profile, I found it to be vague. It was naïve, even. Well, that’s what I thought. Until I myself was given a chance. And when it comes to chances, it actually matters not if you...

Redefining Contentment

Many websites claim that they have science-backed lists on how to be happy. Sure, a long sleep helps. Yes, good food makes us happy. Indeed, exercising releases happy hormones. And it’s most definitely accurate that relationships – friendships, family, significant...

Speech: The Connection Between Confidence and Using the English Language

Or maybe, we know how to speak English, we know the rules in our head, we have enough exposure to the language with all the TV series we’ve watched and all the novels we’ve read, and that exactly is the problem. We’re too afraid to commit mistakes because we’ve learned enough that we became too hard on ourselves.

Living Your Best Life

Living your best life can be made from the simplest of things. Here are the ways to live your best life.

My First RareJob Year-End Party Experience

Everyone was all dolled up and dashing when they arrived at Luxent Hotel. The theme for this year’s party is RareJob Infinity: Masquerade Ball. All the RareJob staff members scrubbed up well, with others putting effort on their masks.