Summer in the Philippines can get as hot as 42˚. Going to the beach sounds tempting, but it can set you back at least a thousand pesos. Compromise can be as simple as drinking iced tea with background beach music or going to the mall and ordering the cheapest soft-served ice cream. But there are cool ice cream treats that can make your summer less predictable than the last.

Forget the soft-served. Forget the cone. Beat the summerheat with these cheap ice cream finds!

1 Army Navy’s Bergy Bit

Pronounced as /bur-gee bit/, this Army Navy dessert is the high-end cousin of the dirty ice cream in a bun. The bergy bit is two scoops of vanilla ice cream snuggled betweentoasted croissant. The ice cream is so on point that you can eat it with a knife and fork! (But you can’t because Army Navy won’t give you a knife and fork.) Get this ice cream reinvented for only ₱95. Click here to see Army Navy branches.

2 Selecta’s Ice Cream Sandwich

This humble ice cream sandwich offers more than WYSIWIG (What You See is What You Get). Apart from the soft-cookie sandwich and the vanilla and chocolate ice cream inside is a 90’s kid throwback. If you remember the Bazooka gum with the comics inside the wrapper, then you must have had a great childhood. Like the Bazooka, Selecta’s ice cream sandwich dons a comic strip on the soft cookies themselves! Surprise yourself every time by getting this cool sandwich for only ₱18.

3 Burger King’s Hershey’s Sundae Pie

Who doesn’t like a cold and creamy dessert over a crumbly cookie bed? Burger King’s Hershey’s Sundae Pie has been in the menu since time immemorial. Always on the back seat to the fast food chain’s savory burgers, this ice cream pie will surely tanggal your umay after gobbling that whopper. Find this cold treat at Burger King’s ₱99 roster. Are you now looking for the nearest Burger King branch? Click here.

4 Mang Inasal’s Turon Espesyal

Now this is an underrated dessert. Mang Inasal is so popular for its chicken inasal and unlimited rice that some of their food items don’t get the credit they deserve, particularly the turon espesyal. At only ₱49, this hot-and-cold combination will surely tickle your taste buds. It also plays with the creamy (ice cream) and crunchy texture so well that you’d want to go back here not just for the chicken anymore.

5 Binggrae Samanco

This is the most delectable thing to be conjured when you put ice cream and fish in one name. This Korean ice cream has been in local supermarkets for quite some time, but it has yet to be given the spotlight. Despite looking like a taiyaki with its fish appearance, the outer part is actually soft cone and not cake batter. This makes eating the ice cream with your hands so much easier! The Koreans have done well. Indulge in this ₱50 treat that comes in various flavors: vanilla with red beans, chocolate syrup, or strawberry syrup!

K-pop is not the only cool thing in the circle of all-things-Korean in this country.

6 McDonald’s Sundae and Pie

Forget the fries-and-sundae combo and instead go spoil your sweet tooth with the pie-and-sundae combo from McDonald’s. Now, if you weren’t among the lucky ones who got to try this dessert when McDonald’s released it, fret no more. You can make it yourself for under ₱100! Just order the ₱29 sundae (your flavor of choice) and the ₱29 pie (the apple pie is a classic but give your dessert a twist with McDonald’s new banana pie), and dab some cool cream over that warm pie! Don’t see the nearest McDonald’s branch? That’s impossible.

Beat the heat without breaking the bank with these reinvented ice cream under P100!

Did we miss anything? Share some cool reinvented ice cream finds you have in the comments section below!