The appeal of working at home has been growing. Considering how worse traffic has gotten, you won’t be seeing this trend go down any time soon. However, with longer periods spent at home come great temptations of lounging in a fat, comfortable chair while munching on salty snacks or sipping on sugar and/or caffeine.

It’s such a guilt trip in retrospect. But you continue to do it anyway because it has become the norm. But the norm isn’t always what’s supposed to be normal. So let’s try to stir things up a little and try something more nutritious than coffee and chips.

Fruits, of course!

When talking about nutritious food, there will always be the mention of fruits. But, which fruits?

Watermelon is 92% water and is good to keep you hydrated. Lemons lower blood pressure. Pineapple can help digest protein. Avocadoes for better heart health, reduced blood pressure, and lower risks of stroke. Apples for the heart and a good aid in digestion.

Although I present you with this lineup, any fruit would actually still be good. Just try to consume it in solid, bite-sized portions or in pure juice form. You don’t want any additional sugar as it makes you slump more comfortably into that couch. Don’t be a potato.

Go (for) nuts!

Substitute nuts for anything oily or salty you’re craving for. They’re easy to snack on and come in different varieties.

Almonds lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases – which people with sedentary lifestyle are greatly exposed to. Cashews can help prevent anemia – a condition linked to lethargy.

These nuts come in small packages, so there’s a risk that you can overeat them. Be careful because too much will counteract the benefits of these nuts. That said, it’s a good thing that nuts are generally rich in protein and fiber– meaning you’ll feel full even though you’ve only consumed a little.

Eggs pa more!

Simple. Eggs are cheap and even the nearest sari-sari store in your place has them. Although eggs have a reputation for having high cholesterol, their benefits still outweigh that fact. Eggs can make you feel full because they’re rich in protein. You can even prepare eggs in a variety of ways – scrambled, boiled, deviled, and even microwaved! Be creative and use MSG-free nori snacks to flavor your eggs instead of using regular table salt.

The deal with oatmeal.

Oatmeal can also help you feel full even with a small portion as it contains soluble fiber, which slows down digestion. It’s also good for the heart because it curtails the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. For some, oatmeal doesn’t sound like a good breakfast meal. To give oatmeal a little more flavor and texture, try adding fruits or nuts.

Bonus tip! Eating with something fancy – like a pair of Star Wars chopsticks or a bento-baunan – can make eating something relatively bland more filling. I know — I got me a pair of those chopsticks after seeing a buff coworker do the same!

There are a lot more food items and diet and food fads that can tell you how to eat more healthily, but the bottom line is that you must be consistent. Lay off on those chips, sugar, and caffeine if you plan to stick to your desk job for a while.


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