In Chinese mythology, twelve animals raced to the Heavenly Gates to be first, to be the best. With the various ways they came in to the gates – hitchhiking inside another’s ear, foot racing, and a lot of jumping – people have started interpreting the story as a narrative talking about people’s personality.

Now, let’s see how these personalities translate in the work place. Is your animal sign aligned with your work persona?




Rat (1972, 1984, 1996)
People born under the year of the rat can be interesting leaders. They are straightforward, meticulous, and detail-oriented. They have good foresight especially when it comes to risks, so they can make good project managers. But watch out for those little fangs. They can sometimes come across as rude because of their straightforwardness.


Ox (1973, 1985, 1997)
Independence is a double-edged trait. Those born under the year of the ox are good planners because they like following a system. They devise their own plans and they stick to it. Because of this mindset, they may communicate poorly with members of the team.


Tiger (1974, 1986, 1998)
Those born under the year of the tiger live up to their spirit astral animal. They are sure of themselves, confident, and energetic. They can stand in front as a leader because they love the attention. They are charming, but their overindulgent behavior can be off-putting to some.


Rabbit (1975, 1987, 1999)
Those born under the sign of the rabbit are peace-loving people. They are amiable and can make people follow them because of their tender aura. However, their quietude can also be a sign of their secretive quality.




Dragon (1976, 1988)
Dragons possess a sharp tongue. Likewise, those born under the dragon year, live life unfiltered. As such, they can be intimidating. If you bear with them, they can be good leaders because they are ambitious and willing to try to overcome obstacles no matter what.


Snake (1977, 1989)

Those born under the year of the snake are cunning and calculating. They tend to keep things to themselves because of trust issues. They make great advisers, but it might be difficult for them to open up to others until others have earned their trust.


Horse (1978, 1990)
Those born under the year of the horse are social people who can stand to be at the center of attention. They can multi-task effectively and learn things easily, so they have good leader potential. However, there are times that they become fickle and immature.


Sheep/Goat (1979, 1991)
They love to share their opinion but mind the attention. They work at their own pace and are engrossed in creativity, so routine tasks are a bore to them. Those born under sheep/goat can become good advisers but prefer not to be leaders.




Monkey (1980, 1992)
Give the lead position to the monkey if you want an interesting competition with other teams or companies. Those born under the sign of the monkey love competition and they have the skills to back it up. Unfortunately, they do not take losing and criticism well.


Rooster (1981, 1993)
Goals are important to those born under the sign of the rooster. They are self-made people who are resourceful and practical. They make sure you know that they have achievements because they like being flamboyant. At times, they couldn’t care less what you think of them.


Dog (1982, 1994)
Dogs are helpful that they can become sacrificing at times. Those born under this sign will take over your tasks if they see you struggling. Unfortunately, that help also comes because they are pessimists who think that you might not be able to accomplish the task.


Pig (1983, 1995)
Those born under the sign of the pig are generous, even when it comes to helping hands. Because of their compassion, sometimes pigs can be taken advantage of. Because of this possibility and the fear of getting mocked for their two cents, they cannot easily share what they think.


Did you see yourself with your properly matched spirit animal? Or have you become a chimera: with the independence of the ox, the charm of the tiger, and the compassion of the pig?


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