Curious how your real-life dad is like the fathers in the movies? Take this quiz!


1 – The Sultan

Your dad in film is Jasmine’s dad, The Sultan. Your dad requires a counselor to make decisions. So, sometimes, the decisions he makes for you aren’t what you want for yourself. But despite that flaw, you love him. And sometimes you think he’s just old that’s why he’s acting that way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2 – Tony Stark / Iron Man

Your dad in film is Tony Stark, Iron Man himself. He’s a cool dad who makes a quip every time he gets a chance—and people love him for the laughs his remarks bring. He has strong opinions, and he sometimes acts rashly. Because of his strong personality, he sometimes gets under other people’s skin—including yours! But don’t worry because he loves you 3,000.

3 – Marlin

Your dad in film is Marlin, Nemo’s dad. Your father may have been the class clown when he was younger, or maybe he has told a handful of dad jokes. But when it comes to you, nothing is a joking matter. He’s overprotective, but give him time and he’ll let you explore the world on your own because the world is—after all—your oyster.

4 – Harry Goodman / Detective Pikachu

Your dad in film is Harry Goodman, the Detective Pikachu. Your dad is smart and is a very important person in his organization. Because of his obligation to his job, you don’t spend much time together. But, your dad loves you very much—you feel it in your jellies!

5 – Bryan Mills

Your dad in film is Bryan Mills—the dad from Taken. Your dad is quiet and secretive, but when it comes to you—and your safety—he’s loud. He sometimes spoils you because whatever you want, even though he doesn’t know where it is, he’ll find it.

6 – Darth Vader

Your dad in film is Darth Vader—somber, driven, and ambitious. Sometimes you don’t get the scale of his ambitions and plans. You’re just hoping it’s for the good. It might take three movies for you to understand him. Actually, that’s three movies and three more sequels.