Mamayani Act 2


Mamayani Act II picks up right where it left us off—that one character death that was just so rude and a bolt in the blue. I’m devastated and so is Maria. The game opens with our protagonist, who I’m pretty sure is now suffering from PTSD, getting woken up from a nightmare by a bunch of recruiters for the war effort. This time around, the game gives us a choice between the guerilla group HUKBALAHAP and the US-sanctioned Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT).


Listen, I didn’t get that far into the game. I tried. But there were points where the game just…stopped me from progressing. I’m not sure if I was just being dumb but I tried interacting with every NPC, every tree, every tent—EVERYTHING. I exited and reloaded my file to no avail. The HUK route stopped me after the squad’s first major operation and we got back to base. The FAIT route glitched me out during a scene where we had to outrun the Japanese. The neutral route just wouldn’t let me go after I helped an old lady carry her basket.


WHERE TO GO NEXT? The game had so many bugs, we didn’t know how to progress further.


Apart from these, Act II was also fraught with other issues. Unlockable content did not appear where they were supposed to appear, typographical errors were everywhere, graphical bugs popped up here and there. The art and the music were still spot-on but there was too little content that I managed to play through for me to give any reasonable judgment of the game. I did, however, catch what I thought was a Phineas and Ferb reference and a Vine reference so that’s, like, an easy one hundred and fifty points to the Mamayani makers.


That being said, I really had high hopes for Act II. Was it a mess? Definitely. Do I love it still? Absolutely. Do I want it to be better? For sure. Am I going to write the Mamayani team feedback on the game? You bet I will.


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