Here at RareJob, we launched our first ever assembly for new tutors via Zoom last June 19, 2021. This is a monthly meet-up for our tutors on their 1st to 3rd month of teaching. The purpose of this assembly is to welcome new tutors and to better introduce them to our unique RareJob culture, by meeting fellow new tutors and providing them topics and discussions focusing on helping them as new tutors. Before this, we would always hold face-to-face events for our tutors to come together. Unfortunately, future events were cancelled to keep everyone safe from the ongoing pandemic.

We managed to adapt to the “new normal,” and we were able to continue organizing events online. One of those events was this New Tutors’ Assembly, where everyone had the chance to meet their fellow new tutors. They all got to know each other and earned points in their designated breakout rooms through fun activities and games, like a trivia quiz and Text Twist. Tutors were assigned to their respective teams named Adapt, Discover, and Explore. Their teammates will be their support as they begin their journey as new tutors of RareJob. Tenured tutors Katie, Angie, and Iya were invited to the event to facilitate the activities, mingle with the new tutors, and share some of their experiences that can help our new tutors.

New Tutor Achievers, those who have completed their first three months with RareJob, were given digital plaques. The plaque represents their hard work in passing their evaluations and completing their first three months as a RareJob Tutor.

Here are their experiences:

“It was overwhelming. That feeling of being warmly accepted in a family that took care of you in your ESL teaching path. The acceptance I felt was like every genre of the music I play that is giving you the right flow towards success, and as for today… A RAREJOB NEW TUTOR ACHIEVER!” – Tutor Ipton

“The New tutors’ Assembly was more than I expected. It was fun and exciting! My favorite part was meeting new tutors from all over the Philippines, getting to know them and listening to their experiences. It made me feel really proud to be part of this big organization working towards a common goal – to give chances for everyone, everywhere!” – Tutor Emi.SP

With the success of this assembly, our hopes of physically meeting each other in future events grow stronger. Congratulations to the 15 New Tutor Achievers and best of luck on the journey that awaits everybody here in RareJob!