Christmas is just around the corner. Have you bought gifts for your inaanaks? Or have you purchased something for your monito and monita? If you haven’t, we are here to help you with gift suggestions! 


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Finding Christmas gifts under PHP 500 can be an exciting challenge! Buying them does not have to compromise thoughtfulness or quality. Despite the limit, there are tons of options that cater to various interests and preferences.

Customized items, such as keychains engraved with names or initials, mugs, or notebooks adorned with unique designs, add a touch of thoughtfulness that goes a long way. These gifts fit the budget and convey a sense of personal connection, making them unique and memorable. Another idea is the realm of indulgence—sweets and treats that tantalize the taste buds. From assorted chocolates and candies to beautifully packaged local sweets, these gifts offer a delightful experience without stretching the budget.



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Let us help you find the perfect gift that will not hurt your pocket! Here are some ideas for you.

Personalized Items – These items, such as mugs, keychains, wallets, and tote bags, can be customized, usually ranging from PHP 100 to PHP 500. They can be gift ideas and good giveaways for Christmas parties.

Tote Bags

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Sweets – For sweet tooths, bento cakes, cookies, and chocolates are some of what you can give. You can also try making small treats such as cookies, graham cakes, or balls as gifts.



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Candles and Diffusers – Scented diffusers and candles are popular home décor items. These can be given as gifts and are available in malls and shopping apps. Most of them range from PHP 100 to 500.

Planners – 2024 is coming; planners are also a suitable gift for your friends and family. You can easily buy planners at bookstores and on shopping apps for PHP 200 to 500.

Books – A perfect gift for your book-loving friends. With so many genres to choose from, from fiction and sci-fi to self-help, you will spend hours browsing a bookstore. Some good finds would only cost PHP 500 or less.



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Flasks or Tumblers – Drinking is not an option but a necessity. Since flasks are in nowadays, this makes an ideal present. Various options are available; some flasks and tumblers cost PHP 200 and more, depending on their size.

Craft Kits – DIY crafting for your artsy friends! Get creative with your gifts by giving painting sets, embroidery kits, or origami sets. These kits can range from PHP 150 and up.

Fitness Accessories – Resistance bands, yoga mats, or skipping ropes are good suggestions for fitness enthusiasts. Some fitness equipment can range from PHP 250 to PHP 500 for our workout buds.

Tea or Coffee Set – For tea lovers and coffee aficionados, a selection of flavored tea or a mini coffee set with beans or instant coffee packs can range from PHP 200 to PHP 500.


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Here are some suggestions we can provide for your gifts this coming Christmas! Remember to consider the recipient’s interests and preferences when choosing a gift they’ll appreciate. Sometimes, a thoughtful, personalized gift within budget can be the most cherished!

What are you planning to give to your loved ones? What kind of gifts are you planning to give out?