Halloween in Japan is a whole different celebration and concept! Since the first Halloween party Disneyland Tokyo organized in 2000, Halloween became very popular. It is a big event that happens every year on the 31st of October. Halloween in Japan is mostly for adults rather than children. What makes Japan’s concept about Halloween different is that they don’t do Halloween traditions!


Adults who want to dress up for Halloween are mostly the ones who celebrate this event. People like to put on all kinds of beautiful, crazy, and creepy costumes. These costumes vary from the mundane, cute characters, fantasy anime, and terrifying creatures! This is one of the main reasons for parties. They don’t just settle on clothes, the majority go all out with small accessories to big intricate props.

Ikebukuro is where cosplayers gather every year since 2014. This event is called the “Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Fest” or “Ikehalo.” This fest became one of Japan’s largest Halloween events. An event where people freely roam the streets as their favorite characters. The Ikehalo is a colorful event that they hold in the day rather than at night, so both young and old can enjoy it!

Street Parties

Halloween in Japan is very festive and lively! Street parties are spread throughout Japan, in popular spots like squares and parks. The best place to attend a Halloween party is in Shibuya. It will be crowded with people mingling and having a good time. Halloween street parties are a good way to enjoy on a budget! Everything is free; you can bring your own drinks and only spend on your costumes. It is a great time to show off your own creativity and also appreciate other people’s work.

Theme Parks

In Japan, amusement parks have annual Halloween events. The characters all transform at night and visitors enjoy many activities. In Tokyo Disneyland, they prepare a spooky parade that showcases the creepy versions of characters like Mickey and Minnie! They also eerily decorate locations like Cinderella’s castle and the Fantasyland. In Universal Studios Japan (USJ), they will be offering excitingly scary experiences for both young and old to enjoy! USJ is popular for their Horror Nights where they organize a Street Zombie. During this time, a large group of zombies will be walking around after dark, scaring people!

Over the years, Halloween has gained more and more popularity in Japan. But contrary to what you’re used to, Japan has created their own culture and way of celebrating this event. It is not solely about the spookiness of the event, but Japan’s pop culture! Halloween in Japan is a large event that focuses on Japanese anime, manga, and video game characters. They focus more on Halloween’s dressing up aspect rather than the trick or treating.