Find out what our beloved RareJob Tutors think about the most recent tutor events of 2024 and discover how you can join!


“Satisfaction and happiness filled me to the brim! Winning prizes brings about accomplishment and competitiveness, an affirmation of one’s efforts and abilities. It was exceptionally enjoyable and memorable. It was fulfilling, and it made my travel worth it! (10hrs estimated time – back and forth)” Tutor Myelynn

“I enjoyed it a lot. The time was short. I wish that it would be longer next time. I met my co-tutors and made new friends.” Tutor glenda.fdj


RareJob Tutors: Real And Intense!

We asked some of our amazing events organizers to describe what their impressions of the tutors were and what, for them, were their favorite moments at the tutor events:


“I found out that some of our tutors can be competitive! They were divided into teams and these teams played against each other. It is also noteworthy that our CEO, Yasu-san joined us at the event. I can say with confidence that many of our tutors had a grand time meeting him! He also prepared omiyage for them—how sweet! It was also exciting to see several tutors starring in our short-form videos published on our social media platforms. I’d like to think they were ecstatic to see the final products—I, at least, was giddy when I finally saw them online!” – Isa, Engagement Team


“As the one documenting the event, it’s sentimental for me to personally witness the tutors in the flesh, enjoying each other’s company, especially during the games segment. It was inspiring for me to capture real and intense emotions. Not to mention, during this event, attendees were unexpectedly overflowing, but I’m relieved that everybody was able to maximize the food, the activities, and make the most of the fun moments, which is the goal!” – Elaine, Multimedia Team



Their Memorable Highlights: Games And Prizes!

I mean, any opportunity to win must be claimed! I’m not surprised to learn that many think their favorite parts of the events were the games, giveaways, and grand prizes, knowing how adventurously enthusiastic RJ tutors are!


“I think the highlights of the event were the games, prizes, and raffle. Most of the groups were very competitive. It was a combination of fun and excitement. It’s nice looking at the smiling faces of fellow tutors and RareJob staff with none other than the CEO himself – Yasu-san.” Tutor Precy.MY


“I’ve attended several tutor gatherings before, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with other tutors. The games and surprises organized by the company made it even more memorable.”Tutor JEMREL


“(I felt) ecstatic because I got the prizes I wanted.”Tutor Iyang



“The highlight for me was when I won a blender during the raffle.”Tutor Myelynn



The RareJob Engagement Team, At Your Service!


Of course, we create these activities all for the love of our tutors. Behind the scenes, despite the warm and bubbly atmosphere among the attendees, the dedicated RareJob event producers just never stop working to deliver a gathering that the diverse RJ Tutors deserve to look back to.



“During the event, I’d usually feel the nerves that I might have expressed a startled Pikachu face the whole time having the thought of what circumstance may arise. But for the most part, it’s always special for me to witness tutors who are candid enough to take on the activities and just goof around. It always gives us staff a sense of accomplishment when the tutors would share a compliment about the venue, the prizes, be it the cute or grand ones, or even if they didn’t win any. Crazy, right!?

It makes me think that the part where we wrap up was the highlight for me because that means a job well done for everyone!” – Kix, Engagement Team


“I met a very kind ‘Early Bird’ tutor who also happens to be a photographer, and offered to take my pictures, too. At the event, all of the tutors were enthusiastic, and they engaged with one another so breathlessly which was really delightful to capture as the event photographer. My favorite part would be the talent segments where the tutors showcased some performances… really candid and entertaining!” – Kristianne, Multimedia Team



“A core memory during the event in La Union: the sun was very much out, but seeing the tutors have fun despite the heat made it worthwhile. And then, at night, there was a power outage throughout San Juan that led us to change our accommodations. We dragged the event luggage and ourselves down a steep hill to reach the new accommodation, low on smartphone batteries and on energy. The adventure is what made it really unforgettable.” – Jeris, Multimedia Team


Clearly, it’s an understatement to say that the team behind these events held across the Philippines always never fails to do an amazing job for the RareJob Tutor Community! More power, Engagement Team!


Have You Attended Any RareJob Tutor Event?


We create these events to provide an opportunity for the tutors to meet one another face-to-face, and build connections outside of the usual work-from-home setting.


RareJob Tutor Events may also be a way to celebrate milestones, successes, and achievements of both staff and tutor circles, recognizing everyone’s hard work as they feast on good food, win prizes, and have fun through games. Experiencing the RareJob culture through these tutor gatherings can help reinforce what the company stands for, allowing everyone to better experience the core principles and beliefs that drive RareJob, Inc.



How To Join:


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