Organize your week with three easy and simple steps. Find something you want to write your to-do list on. Compile tasks you plan to complete for the week, and organize them according to importance and urgency. After organizing your thoughts, start blocking your schedule for the week to make your to-do list more manageable.

There are many ways and tools you can use to help organize your week. Take time to plan, and you will have a clearer view of your goals. Have fun with different ideas, and build your own planner.

Step 1: The Planner

There are two ways to plan your week or even your life. If you have time to spare at the beginning or end of the month, you can use a planner. You have probably owned a planner at least twice in your life, but there is something more interesting: bullet journaling. It takes more time, but it gives you limitless possibilities and an excuse to be creative. Bullet journaling gives you full autonomy on the things you want to track. It is totally customizable, and there are plenty of options you can experiment with online.

Another way to keep track of your goals is through digital trackers. There are many calendar apps with different features that will help you optimize your lists better. You can use Google Calendar, or if you are an Apple user, there is an Apple Calendar. They are both easy to access and free to use.

Step 2: The List

To-do lists can be sloppy like grocery lists, but it brings great satisfaction when you cross off items on it. Dedicating one day to plan your whole week is a game changer. You can start by listing all the tasks you need to accomplish. Remember to keep it simple and break down large tasks into more manageable pieces. Create codes to help you know which tasks are new and which ones are done. Note the importance of each task, and rank them by priority.

Step 3: The Time

When you organize your week, you will feel more in control of your time and what you do. Time blocking plays a huge role in controlling your schedule. This is a time management method that divides your time for each specific task. With this method, you will have a clearer view of the things you have to accomplish in a day. Carefully planning your days will help reduce your impulsive decision making.

Doing one task at a time is surprisingly a better way of accomplishing more, faster. Organizing your week is a great way to track your accomplishments and set future goals. You will see each milestone you reach and how far you have come. Include time for your planner in your daily routine to know what to expect for each day. Careful planning will let you know when your work is done and make you enjoy your downtime more.