We often hear or see the word “passion projects” these days. But what are passion projects? We were curious, so we checked it out! 


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Defining Passion Projects

Passion projects are interests pursued primarily to find inner happiness instead of external rewards such as money or recognition. The main characteristic of passion projects is that they are driven more by the satisfaction of doing a task one likes and by self-fulfillment than by demands or expectations from others.


Passion Projects

  • Writing a Book or Blog: Whether fiction, non-fiction, or blogging about a topic you’re passionate about, writing can be an enriching project.

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  • Starting a Podcast: Share your knowledge, experiences, or stories with the world on a subject you’re passionate about through audio podcasts.


  • Creating an App: If you’re into technology and coding, developing an app that solves a problem or entertains can be a fulfilling project.


  • Art and Crafts: Painting, sculpting, woodworking, knitting, or any form of art that allows you to express your creativity.

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  • Learning a Musical Instrument: Dedicate time to mastering an instrument you’ve always wanted to play.


  • Photography Project: Focus on a specific theme or subject matter and aim to create a portfolio or exhibition.

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  • Documentary Filmmaking: Tell a story or highlight an issue important to you through film.


  • Volunteering/Community Service Project: Start a community garden, organize a clean-up, or work with a local nonprofit to address your concerns.

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  • Launching a Small Business: Turn a hobby or interest into a small business, whether selling handmade goods, offering services, or starting a food venture.


  • Travel Project: Plan a trip focused on a specific theme, such as visiting historical sites and natural wonders or exploring the cuisine of different regions.


  • Environmental Conservation Efforts: Engage in or start initiatives focused on sustainability, wildlife conservation, or combating climate change.

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  • Learning a New Language: Immerse yourself in learning a new language, potentially opening up new cultural understandings and opportunities.


  • Health and Fitness Goal: Train for a marathon, start a yoga practice, or undertake a personal challenge to improve your physical and mental health.


  • Culinary Project: Explore cooking or baking, experimenting with recipes, and possibly filling your tummy and heart with delicious food and satisfying cravings

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Choosing Passion Projects

Before choosing which passion projects work well for you, remember these tips!

  1. Follow Your Curiosity: Choose something that genuinely interests you, even if it’s not traditionally popular or profitable. Your enthusiasm is your best guide.
  2. Assess Your Resources: Consider the time, energy, and available materials. Pick a project that’s ambitious yet achievable with your current resources.
  3. Set Personal Goals: Think about what you want to achieve or learn through your project. Aim for a project that helps you grow in a desired area or skill.

Remember, the best passion project not only excites and challenges you but also fits within the practical constraints of your life.