What’s Really On Your Plate: A Run-through of the Latest Findings in Food Research

The last few years have churned out several food-related research—some of which are ground-breaking and others downright shocking. Curious? Read on to see some of them.

Prepping Toddlers for School

Even as you wait for your kids to reach school age, there are lots of little things you could do to prep them for formal schooling.

Women in Language: Words and Phrases

Language is necessary in communication. (Most of the time.) Though some would argue about how language leans toward masculinity (read: history, chairman), some words and phrases still celebrate how it is to be feminine.

The Psychology of Love

Psychologist Robert Sternberg theorized that love is a triangle with three components: intimacy, passion, and commitment.

That’s Not Good

Social media has revolutionized the world in ways that were inconceivable decades ago. Regrettably, not always in a good way.

Tips for Torpe Guys

We asked RareJob PH sweethearts for their opinion in crucial matters in establishing relationships, and formulated tips for the guys who need them the most—torpes.

Why and How to be Thankful

This article discusses some benefits of gratitude—from an unlikely source—and how we can integrate it in our lives.

10 Self-defense Tips for Office Employees

These self-defense tips are like self-defense training in the sense that they are meant to help you if you find yourself in that situation. And, like self-defense training, they will only help you if you have the will to apply them.