Have you ever watched the movie Hotel for Dogs by Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin? If you haven’t yet, we recommend you watch it with family and friends! We think it will be interesting to have a place where pets have fun and pamper themselves while their owners work, shop, or travel instead of leaving them alone at home. How about you?

Did you know that Japan is one of the few countries where the number of pets is higher than the number of kids? During the pandemic, the Japanese have chosen to own pets as most stayed indoors and reconsidered going out. Other reasons why people choose pets are due to lower expenses, financial independence, and health reasons.

In the World of Pet Hotels

With the rise of pets in Japanese households, the demands for pet food, needs, and supplies are also increasing. Pet cafes for different animals are also coming out, and we must watch out for the rise of pet hotels or boardings.

There are a lot of pet hotels that are located in Japan. Here are some of the pet hotels to see:

  • Pet Inn Royal – The first ever pet hotel in Japan opened in 2005 at Narita Airport. The inn is available for 24 hours and has veterinary and grooming services. Owners can ‘check in’ their pets safely while enjoying their vacations or trips.

  • Azabu Hotel – The hotel offers set sitting and walking services, hotel, and short stays, grooming, pet care for old animals, dog training, and pet taxi. The pet owner can choose from the rooms they offer, from cage-less to suites or deluxe rooms. Even providing a specialized cat room or a 3-level cage for cat lovers.
  • Dog Inc. – This accommodation wants the dogs to feel comfortable and to have fun while waiting for their owners. Moreover, they also offer a separate room for shy dogs or those too exhausted to play.

  • Tokyo Snake Center – Binging on caffeine while dining with snakes is already nerve-wracking and exciting for some. What is more interesting is that they also offer a “snake pet hotel.” In fact, the hotel takes care of your reptiles when the owners must leave for trips or have guests.

  • Premier Cat Hotel Tokyo – Of course, let us not forget our lovely feline friends. This hotel offers spacious rooms to let the cats move around. In addition, the cats are placed separately without needing to contact the other cats and is also exclusive for cats as they want them to be at peace.

Pet Staycations are in!

There is now a slow rise in pet hotels and accommodations in the Philippines. We all know how sad it is to be left alone, and our pets would also feel the same. Nowadays, pet sitting and walking services are available in the Philippines, but few pet hotels. Hopefully, there will be more, so it will not be a problem for fur moms and fur dads whenever they have to leave their babies.

Is it much better to have a place to leave your fur babies? Do you think it’s a good idea to have pet hotels? Let us know in the comments! We want to hear your thoughts.