Sometimes you find yourself feeling stuck or bored doing the same exact things! Feeling stuck is a common experience you feel in life, work, or relationships. There are many different ways to get unstuck, reset, or change your state of mind. It takes time to recover from feeling stuck, but the time you take for it will be worth it!

1. Take a Day Off or Two

Taking small breaks in between work is helpful, but taking a whole day off will be more beneficial. Working non-stop lowers people’s motivation to do their job. After all, people are more upbeat when doing interesting and fun things!

Although most are still confined at home, it doesn’t mean you will constantly work! It’s essential to have a day off, especially when you’re feeling stuck. Having one or two days free will increase productivity, because working overtime doesn’t always mean better-quality work! Another thing to consider when thinking about taking a day off is your mental health. Your state of mind influences your satisfaction with life and your career.

2. Reward Yourself

Reward yourself for coming this far and doing your best every day! Giving yourself rewards can be very beneficial in a way that makes you feel good after a tiring day. It can be a well-deserved nap or that recipe you’ve always wanted to try making. Another reward you can give yourself is to use your paid television or magazine subscriptions. You deserve the rewards and rest you crave when you’re feeling tired! If you just keep working and never take a break, you will eventually long for something fun. This might influence your career progress.

3. Find Something New

When you’re feeling stuck, your initial response will either be to do nothing or do something. As a result, you have this inner battle with yourself and you start to feel physical and emotional pain. One possible way to resolve this is spend time on what you love or find new things that interest you. It could be learning a new language at a slow pace or travelling. Trying something new gives your mind and body a new experience and challenge. You might even eventually stop feeling stuck when you make it a habit to learn something new. It doesn’t have to be a long-term thing as long as it gives you the diversion you need.

There are still more things to do when feeling stuck and unmotivated; experiment and get back on your feet! Reach out to someone you trust and talk about experiences. Plan future vacations together, whether it’s a solo vacation or otherwise. The world is starting to heal, so take your time and pamper yourself once in a while!