Find time in the beginning or end of the month to set your monthly goals for a simpler life. Doing so results in a well-organized day-to-day routine. You would be able to divide your time between work, family, and friends. There will also be time to dedicate to yourself and to new things you want to try.

1. Set Monthly Goals

When a month comes to an end, looking back at what you did in that specific month  may be beneficial. Taking daily to-do notes is helpful, but it may not be enough when you have bigger goals to accomplish. Therefore, when you start monthly planning, your everyday tasks will start to align. In addition, this will give you a realistic and clear view of the things you plan to fulfill. 

Setting your monthly goals for a simpler life might sound taxing, but the end result will help you focus. All you need is somewhere to dump your thoughts on and a calendar for an overview of each month. You have to first keep your goals simple and realistic. In other words, break your goals down into smaller and simpler steps to make them achievable. After that, make it a habit to review your plans to keep moving forward. 

2. Prepare for the Next Day

Preparing for the next day is like setting intentions to improve yourself, that is, tracking your calendar and making time to check in on yourself and your needs. With the help of monthly planning, you are able to assess what you should do next. As a result, your days will be less stressful because you are prepared for what’s to come. After all, it is the fusion of your good habits and completed tasks that account to success or failure. One very helpful tip on dividing your month is to take note of two important things for each day. Naturally, you will feel and believe that you are finally moving closer to your goals.

3. Slow Down

A simpler life is not complete without making time for yourself to wind down and relax. Slowing down is important in improving your mental well-being by avoiding burnout. There are many ways to slow down. Primarily, stop multitasking and start doing less; focus on the most important task. When you finally see that slowing down helps you accomplish more, you will undoubtedly be more mindful of your progress. Similarly, taking your time to do something makes you appreciate the little things and do quality work. 

Taking time specifically for organizing your day, week, or month makes for a simpler life. It also helps you enjoy stress-free days, because there is more to life than just working. Reconnect with yourself by disconnecting from your responsibilities and work once in a while. Sit down in your safe space and appreciate the things around you.