Here at RareJob, we value creating relationships with our tutors. That is why we have gatherings. But it has been a while since we’ve had the chance. Our team at RareJob took a trip down south to meet some of our tutors. This gathering allowed us to create opportunities for our tutors to discuss anything under the sun! It can be from their work experiences, shared stories, and exchanged ideas on how they can improve their teaching skills. It was a fantastic experience that allowed us to build relationships with people with similar passions. 

After landing at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport, the Davaoeños’ high-energy tribal music and performance greeted us. Our CEO, Yasu-san, took pictures of the dancers adorned with colorful costumes and accessories. Our team’s first agenda was to visit Ateneo de Davao University in the afternoon and meet with Ms. Eunice from the Career Center so we could introduce their students to a new opportunity. It was a pleasure to share and talk about our mission and goals at RareJob, and we are eager to welcome new tutors from the Ateneo de Davao University soon! After that, we set aside time to tour and discover exciting places in the city. 

On our second day, we boarded the ferry to meet our Mindanaoan RareJob tutors at the Paradise Island and Beach Resort. We opened our fun-packed program with an inspiring message from Yasu-san. Then, we played many games during the program’s first part, such as Human Bingo, Spell it, Bring It, Minute-to-win-it, and the Ultimate Team Challenge. After the games, we had free time, where some tutors went for a swim, took selfies and photos, gained new friends, and relaxed at the venue. Our team also bonded with some tutors by doing fun TikTok challenges and games.

Once everyone had settled down, Yasu-san acknowledged the Star Circle Quest 2022 winners. Ms. Kath, our Tutor Resource Manager, delivered a heartwarming speech thanking the tutors for their hard work and for joining us in the event. She also encouraged everyone to get to know their co-tutors and mingle with the RareJob staff. It was a perfect opportunity for everyone to have a good time outside of work.

After lunch, the most awaited part of the event is announcing the raffle winners! Many fantastic prizes were up for grabs, such as the BackJoy posture support seats, coffee makers, air fryers, and many more! Perfect for at-home workers! We love seeing the beaming smiles of the tutors claiming their prizes. At the event’s end, we had as many possible group photos! It would be a waste to pass up the opportunity to snap some pictures when you have the beautiful beach as a background!

Overall, this trip has been memorable for us here at RareJob. Not only did we get to spend quality time with some of our best tutors, but we also explored a new city full of life and beauty! We can’t wait for the next trip when we can visit other cities soon!


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