Christmas season really is the time of giving.

Last December 14, members from the Tutor Relations Department along with a few tutors visited Gentle Hands Orphanages in Cubao, Quezon City. It was a pretty rainy day. Nonetheless, the team was welcomed with smiles and laughters from the children who were clearly excited for what’s in store for them. Dancing, magic, games, and toys—things that kids surely love.

Before the program began, our friends from Gentle Hands gave us some reminders when interacting with the children. Visitors must always take note that some of the children in Gentle Hands come from troubled pasts and abusive households. Making physical contact without their consent is a big no-no for these actions may trigger an unpleasant memory. We should always wait for the children to make the first move.

We started with an opening prayer, then proceeded with a dance number from the children. While the food was being prepared, we played stop dance. So many kids volunteered to join the game. We didn’t expect that they would be this enthusiastic (and competitive)! After all that tiring but good-hearted fun, the children were entertained by our magician. It wasn’t just the kids that were blown away, the adults as well! We all have a magic-loving kid inside of us after all.

Finally, the food was ready to be served. The children formed big circles and got ready to eat. The kids sure were hungry after participating in all those activities. While they were eating, the team members and tutors handed out the giveaways. The children were very polite and grateful. Seeing them smile from ear to ear is a reward that nothing could match.

We ended the program with a group picture. The children said their goodbyes and went back to their respective bedrooms to take a rest, while the team members and the tutors left the place with full hearts. It was a fun and successful day.

In the spirit of RareJob’s vision of giving chances to everyone, everywhere, not only do we give career opportunities to our Filipino tutors, but we also try other possible means to spread love and make this world a happier place.