Christmas is in a few weeks. Are you feeling excited? Tons of family gatherings, Christmas parties, dinners, and reunions will most likely fill your schedule. Aside from those, we have movies we can enjoy. But why are we fond of holiday movies?

Holiday movies focus on building connections, romance, family, and positive things. Watching these movies makes us happy and remember our memories and experiences. Parents often use this activity to create bonds and connections with their kids. 

We listed down our favorite go-to movies during the holidays! You can binge-watch it with your partner, kids, family, and friends.

Movie recommendations

Here is our movie list:


  • Home Alone 1 and 2 – A story about a kid who gets left behind during Christmas, finds his way, and learns how to fend for himself.
  • Princess Switch Movie SeriesTwo women, living opposite lives meet and discover they look alike, switch lives, and find what they were looking for.
  • Rise of the GuardiansThe four Guardians are looking for the fifth guardian while facing one of the evilest villains, Pitch Black.
  • KlausThe worst mail deliverer gets sent to the North and discovers a tremendous hidden toy maker.
  • Frozen 1 and 2One of the most famous Disney movies, about two sisters, explores their relationship while dealing with icy powers. 




  • The Polar Express – A young boy, is embarking on a trip of self-discovery and boarding a magical train traveling to the North Pole to find purpose.
  • Barbie and the Nutcracker A girl cursed by an evil king must go on a journey to reverse the spell.
  • The Grinch A grumpy creature who hates Christmas ruins the holiday for everyone but discovers the truth about himself.
  • The Christmas ChroniclesSiblings who planned to catch Santa Claus fail. Somehow, the plan failed and became one of the most unforgettable and unexpected journeys to save the holiday.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – A Halloween creature discovers Christmas.
Our Thoughts

Heartwarming movies always have ways of making people feel happy, sad, and sentimental. In the Philippines, they hold a film festival annually during Christmas to instill these emotions in Filipinos. Many Filipinos often love the movies at this festival, even though they are cliche and have the same plot and storylines. There is nothing wrong with liking these types of films, but in the future, we will get to show more diverse movies that are not simply the same tropes and that showcase how talented Filipinos are.

There are a lot more movies to choose from besides what we listed. Many Christmas-themed movies are released before the season begins, and selecting the best would take a lot of work. We believe that as long as everyone enjoys the film, it will form connections and strengthen bonds.

What movies are you planning to watch this holiday season? Any movies you would like to recommend for others to watch? Let us know in the comments! More movies mean more time to bond!