Every year, RareJob opens the door for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Japan through the RareJob Ambassador Program. RAP was created to let our tutors experience the unique culture of their Japanese students and represent the entire online tutor community!

To give you a little background, it all started in 2015 where the first two ambassadors were chosen to attend student gatherings and conduct workshops for the clients, plus they got a chance to roam around Tokyo during their free time. This kind of format carried on until 2016.

Come 2017, we gave the program a new purpose and that is to reward those best performing tutors to just experience the unique beauty and culture of Japan

We believe that with the right amount of hard work and perseverance, your goals and dreams will definitely come true. Last year, three (3) amazing tutors achieved their dream of going to Japan! (HUZZAH!)

Now you may all wonder if they really enjoyed the whole trip—DON’T WORRY, WE GOTCHU FAM. They actually created their appreciation video about the program, which includes their anniversary message for RareJob! Aren’t they the sweetest? (Yieee, we ain’t blushing though)

THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM. Tutor KC’s journey to being an ambassador wasn’t easy. It took her three tries before finally bagging the slot. And when she got it, she made sure to make the most out of the whole experience! Just listen to her infectious laughter and you’ll know what we mean.

IT HAS BEEN A YEAR, BUT THE KILIG IS STILL THERE. Tutor Eve’s video is also very inspiring! Watch as she shares her message full of hope for what’s to come.

After watching these videos, our hearts melted and we got a little teary-eyed. It was hard not to reminisce and be proud of all our ambassadors’ epic journey. This 2019, another story is about to unfold as we have chosen the next three (3) ambassadors who will be immersing themselves in the Japanese Culture. We’ll definitely show everyone their experience with the help of our handy dandy cameras! (We’re internally and externally screaming in excitement here in the office, legit)