The season of giving started early in RareJob! Just last November 15, 2019, RareJob Cares visited Play, Learn, and Serve in Commonwealth, Quezon City, to share gifts and stories.


Let’s take a look at the top 3 things that we loved during the event.





Who knew that storytelling would be such a fun activity! We shared two interactive stories. The first book, Brushing is No Fun, is about how to properly clean yourself. While the second book entitled SugarBug Doug talks about what causes dental problems. Our storytellers had their own ways to capture everyone’s (YES, including the staff’s) attention to make sure that they’re listening.


After the storytelling activity, we handed out mini books of SugarBug Doug and crayons so the kids may pour out their creativity. We were so surprised how good the kids were at coloring!


Take a look at these great little artists!





Excitement filled the air when we announced that we’re giving away hygiene kits to everyone. The kids (and their moms, too) clapped and cheered as we revealed the contents of the kit like soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste. The cheers went louder when we showed them the baby powder, cologne, and face towels.


We made sure that all kids will get a hygiene kit.


Of course, they needed to replenish their energy after all those screaming! That’s why we gave the kids some afternoon snacks such as baked macaroni, fried chicken, and fresh coconut juice for refreshments. Their reactions were priceless. It was so heartwarming to see how they enjoyed their meal (our hearts went doki doki).


See how much they’re enjoying the chicken?





The event wouldn’t be possible without the enthusiastic kids of Play, Learn and Serve. They were very alert to show the correct gesture for every magic word. For example, when Teacher Minah said “sugarbug”, they replied “ouch” and touch their cheeks.


Here’s Teacher Dani teaching them how to sneeze properly.


We said “ouch” and touched our cheeks when Teacher Minah said the word “sugarbug”.



Aside from their eagerness to learn, we found out something that really surprised us. We initially chose this program to simply help, yet we learned that these kids aren’t just typical receivers. These kids have a mission, and it is to share what they’ve learned to their families and neighbors. It makes you want to help them more when you know they’re gonna help others, too!


You may check out SUPERKids in Mission to see their projects.


We didn’t only have a great time during our visit at Play, Learn, and Serve, but we also had warm and fulfilled hearts as we packed up and waved goodbye.


To know more about Play, Learn and Serve, click here.


You may also schedule a visit with them so that you may experience their love and (tons of) energy first-hand!