Who would have thought that RareJob tutors from the North would love a swimming party… in Benguet!

Yup. A swimming party in Benguet. Home to the summer capital of the Philippines. Famous for its cold weather all year round. This also came as a surprise for us when we got the survey responses about the activities they would like to do for Fun Day. Well, why not? We at RareJob are always down with almost anything so if they wish for a swimming party, then swimming party it is.

So off we went to Neverland Mountain Resort, which turned out to be the perfect place to do our team building activities. The views were stunning. We could not help but marvel at the beauty of nature (and take selfies, of course). The best part is we had the place all to ourselves.

Prior to the event, the tutors were already grouped into teams they named themselves: Engli-san, Uneight, and Great Minds.

Each team unleashed their creativity as they designed their own flags and choreographed their team cheers. We were quite amazed by their competitiveness when we played the games we had prepared.

The water relay game tested the tutors flexibility and patience when they had to pass the water from one member to the next by bending backwards, passing the cup over their heads, and pouring the water to next member’s cup. They did this until the team bottle was completely filled with water. It was a tight race.

Tutors channeled their inner architects and engineers during the spaghetti tower game. With only spaghetti noodles and a pack of marshmallows as materials, they were tasked to build the highest and the most durable tower that can withstand our “stress test”. They sure did a wonderful job because none of the towers collapsed.

The excitement went on with the different mini games, but the game changer of the day was the bid wars, where they had to rely on their strategy and [a lot of] luck as they bid for mystery items that contained either bonus game points, snacks, or pop quizzes about RareJob SOPs and Premium Lesson programs.

With good food and freezing swimming pools—which tutors did not mind at all, they still swam gloriously like dolphins—we totally forgot the foul weather and frenetically frolicked under the sunless sky.

You don’t need the sun to have fun.