“Keep your lights off for one hour.” Have you ever seen an advertisement or heard someone telling you this? Did you partake in the event? Were you aware of what it was for?

Earth Hour happens every year on the last Saturday of March. It starts at 8:30 PM and lasts until 9:30 PM. Switching the lights off is a way to show support for the planet. It also raises awareness about the negative climate change and biodiversity decline. World Wide Fund for Nature launched the movement in Sydney, Australia, in 2007.

Earth Hour is an event that has become a more significant movement to protect Earth and the environment. It sparks conversations about Mother Nature, our health, and our survival. The drastic changes in our environment affect every one of us every day, and there are constant reminders about irreversible changes if we do not work to help and save our home.

Importance of Earth Hour

What does Earth Hour do? Do we need to join? Is this even necessary? Can switching off your lights for an hour really help? These are the questions often asked by people who find it a useless internet trend, unaware of Earth Hour and what it does to the planet.

Earth Hour is important to raise awareness of the rapidly changing environment. Our home planet faces global warming, deforestation, climate change, and air, water, and soil pollution. Using fossil fuels is the leading cause of the planet’s depletion.

Earth Hour takes steps to help the planet, even in small ways. The movement helps promote action, push for changes, and supports environmental projects and works. Aside from that, the Earth Hour movement is global and spreads awareness about protecting nature and other plans to help protect the planet.

Earth Hour’s mission does not stop in that one hour of darkness. Its goal is not to turn off the lights, call it a day, and magically all climate change problems disappear. It is a reminder that even small, daily actions can have massive impacts if we do them together.

How Can I Help?

With our planet slowly dying, what can we do to help? First, educate ourselves on what Earth Hour does. Second, plan what you can do and how you can join them. Third, engage and help by making other people aware of the plans and projects of Earth Hour and what it does to help our planet. Having more people aware and engaged can make a difference. Minor acts like making posters or advertisements can help with topics such as joining tree-planting activities, recycling, etc

This year, Earth Hour will be on March 25, 2023. It’ll be great to join this year; switching off household lights for an hour will make a difference. Minor acts can encourage others to copy and do what you are doing. Let’s educate ourselves about Earth Hour and learn how to help protect our planet. This is the only homeland for us.