Discover A New Passion

Have you seen our recent Inside the Life of RareJob Tutors video? In that episode, Tutor Elsie talked about traveling. Are you also interested in hiking, exploring historical sites, or trying out the local cuisine just like Tutor Elsie? We all have different plans when traveling alone, with family, or with friends. Still, most Filipinos often travel to beaches to unwind, relax, and reward themselves after overcoming exhausting obstacles. Have you considered changing destinations or maybe trying out a different adventure?



mountain climbing

Overcome the Mountains

Mountain hiking is not everyone’s cup of tea; however, it would be great to try it at least once. Maybe you’d love the idea of how it feels when you finally reach the top. Aside from the challenge of getting to the peak, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the different flora and fauna, along with a breath of fresh air, as you hike up. Another reason hiking would be great is that it can be a form of exercise that can help with weight loss and may reduce possible heart diseases. Plus, you can relax and escape the fast-moving city life or the stressful social media. How fun it is to exercise while enjoying the panoramic scenery!

Whenever I travel, I try to indulge in their culture, history, and food. I find it very interesting when locals talk about past events, how and where their traditions originated, and how certain delicacies have made them well-known. Like Tutor Elsie, it feels like I travel back in time as locals talk about their town. 


Hiking Up Mountains For A Blissful Year

Did you know that the Japanese people often climb mountains, such as Mount Fuji? That’s because the Shinto religion believes that the “kami” or the divine spirits live in mountains, trees, rivers, and such. They believe that the kami have powers that can influence a person’s life through prayers and rituals. Groups of people climb the mountain during the first day of the New Year to watch the first sunrise of the year or the Hatsu Hinode. The indigenous Ainu believe that witnessing Hatsu Hinode is a sacred act. Like some other Filipinos, the Ainu think seeing the sunrise is a good sign.


Take the Risk

If you’re planning to hike, you can bring your friends or go solo where you can meet other people. You can also acquire the help of some professionals who conduct tours and assistance.  Here are some mountains you can hike up in the Philippines and Japan to try and challenge yourself!

  • Mount Apo (Davao, Philippines)
  • Mount Pulag (Benguet, Philippines)
  • Mount Pinatubo (Zambales, Philippines)
  • Mount Halcon (Oriental Mindoro, Philippines)
  • Mount Guiting-Guiting (Romblon, Philippines)
  • Mount Ishizuchi (Japan)
  • Mount Fuji (Japan)
  • Kamikochi National Park (Japan)
  • Mount Aso (Japan)
  • Mount Koya (Japan)


Do you think you’ll have the courage to gear up and hike soon? Which mountain do you plan to visit first? Let us know!